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Every basic, Dutch, insurance policy currently has a deductible payment (€ 385,- minimum). Referrals to specialists, laboratory examinations and prescribed medications do, however, fall under the deductible payments.

This does not apply to people with insurance from abroad. You have to pay for your contact right away, by credit card, and claim it back from your health insurer. You will receive a bill from us.

Short consultation€ 19,56
Consultation by mail, e-consult or in the practice€ 39,12
Consultation double by mail, e-consult or in the practice€ 78,25
Housecall€ 58,69
Housecall double€ 97,81

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We want to continue improving the practice. These improvement plans are evaluated annually in the context of the NHG Practice Accreditation (NPA). Your opinion as patient is also important for this process. We would greatly appreciate any of your ideas, comments or suggestions.


Should you have a complaint about your treatment, we would greatly appreciate you telling us directly. You can fill in and send the form here. It is also possible to schedule a (telephone) appointment for this.

We shall aim to come to some resolution together with you. In the event we are not able to achieve that, you can request an independent adviser at the Dutch foundation for complaints and disputes in primary health care:

Stichting Klachten en Geschillen Eerstelijnszorg
PO Box 8018
5601 KA  Eindhovenn
T 088 - 022 910 00

Please go to their website to fill in and send the form ‘Indienen klacht’ (Filing a complaint), available in Dutch only.


Our practice’s Privacy Notice explains how your privacy and personal data are being protected. The Privacy Notice is meant to let you know your rights and our obligations under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, Dutch: AVG) and the Dutch Medical Treatment Act (WGBO).

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Poort van Gaveren General Practice Office is accredited by the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG). The practice meets the nationally specified quality standards in the areas of organisation and actual practice, medical treatments and the opinion of patients. Poort van Gaveren General Practice Office is assessed annually by the NPA (the practice accreditation body of the NHG) and has earned NHG accreditation for years in a row.