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Lysanne Leenders

Medical assistant GGZ

My name is Lysanne Leenders, I am 30 years old and was born in Maastricht, where I currently live too. The past six years I worked as a mental healthcare provider for adolescents, with a focus on adolescents with mild cognitive impairment and complex learning-, behavioral-, psychosocial- and/or psychiatric problems.

Right now I am ready for a new challenge and with much enthusiasm I will commence in Poort van Gaveren's practice working as 'POH-GGZ' (mental healthcare provision within the GP's practice). I will be working 24 hours per week in two practices; Poort van Gaveren's and Ceramique. Also I will be interning 1 day per week at General Practice Heugem. I will be following my education to become POH-GGZ until march 2023.

I hope to apply my previous knowledge and experience while working at Poort van Gaveren's practice and simultaneously to gather new knowledge and experience during my employment here.